terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Muito legal!

Vi em um orkut que a gatinah Ka me passou e adorei...


1. 7:45 am is way too early to rise.

2. We are always late and would have missed all 4 flights.

3. The good looking people in the plane would distract us.

4. We are loud and attract too much attention.

5. With food and booze in the plane, we would loose track of the mission.

6. Since we talk with our hands, we would have to put our weapons down on the ground.

7. We'd start to argue over who gets to be the pilot.

8. We can't keep secrets, so every one would know the plan a week in advance.

9. We'd put our national flag on the plane.

10.When passengers would start crying, we'd get sentimental with them and lend a helping shoulder.

1. Your laugh is usually the loudest anywhere. And your group of friends are usually pretty loud too;

2. You're used to the different attention you get when you say you're Brazilian;

3. You hear you're exotic quite often;

4. You get emails and scraps asking for help from your Brazilian friends on how to move abroad;

5. Some people still say "Hola!" instead of Olá;

6. You miss your friends and family in Brazil ;

7. (If you're 19) You have been going out for about 3 years, but still can't go to a club in USA;

8. You HATE winter and can't wait for summer to get sun tan;

9. If you live in USA, you take advantage that everything is more affordable than in Brazil (electronics, clothes, shoes, cosmetics).

10. You like to explain Brazilian culture to people that are interested;

11. You are impressed with the decoration and a snowy Christmas, but want to be at a sunny beach for New Years Eve;

12. Even after years, you still translate Portuguese expressions into English and you have to explain what they mean;

13. You have orkut, facebook, msn, skype and a blog to keep in touch with friends;

14. You don't trust ANY hairdressers outside of Brazil;

15. You think the Portuguese version of "Happy Birthday" with claps is more fun;

16. You're still getting used to the way of dating over here;
17. You can love where you live, but still miss home...

18. People get impressed that when you dance, you can move your ENTIRE body instead of only the arms;
19. Guys think because you're nice, outgoing and have a great smile, you're flirting with them;

20. People think you go topless to the beach but you've never seen that until you got here.
 E mais um mesmo esta indooo  <3
Brasill..Logo mais estou ai!!!